Tatsuro Horikawa initially founded Julius in 2001 as an art project to present audio and video presentations for fashion collections and art. By 2004 Tatsuro had developed the concept to include a clothing line firstly presented in Tokyo together with a range of audio and visual projects. Julius has since established themselves as an underground label deeply connected to electronic music, drawing inspiration from Art, Architecture, Music, Ambient Sound / Noise, Travel, Emotional Communication and Tatsuro's internal creative urge. His aim is not only to create simply “clothing” but rather, to create and contribute to a person's total life-style and existence. 

Julius blends futuristic tailoring with a brooding gothic underground aesthetic. Always starting with a black palette, black represents avant garde and Tatsuro explores the zen concept of black throughout his collection. Sometimes the world of his imagination and vision becomes frayed and broken-down, chaotic and corrupt, the stillness sunk beneath loud vibrational noise, the purity and destruction contained within every Pilgrim.Its a sharp and metallic industrial mayhem.

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